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Brandon Blackmoor
Free (OGL)

The Mutants & Masterminds Character Builder is a LibreOffice spreadsheet intended to facilitate creation of Mutants & Masterminds characters. It may or may not work with Excel if converted to that format from within LibreOffice, but I make no promises, and I do not intend to spend any time working on that.


Sample characters

These sample characters are provided as an example of using the Mutants & Masterminds Character Builder.


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Version Date Changes
2.15 2010-04-03 Fixed Time and Value table errors, extended table to 30; added Movement and Lifting to TextSheet, BBCodeSheet, and WikiSheet; corrected Space Travel movement calculations; added Absolute to DRAWBACKS_INTENSITY_CHART for drawbacks which cannot be resisted.
2.14 2010-03-04 Fixed Initiative bug; added Equipment to Powers Reference section on Powers tab; added some equipment from Agents Of Freedom.
2.13 2009-12-09 Removed the "simple combat" option; added True20 feats Armor Training, Exotic Weapon Training, Shield Training, Two-Weapon Fighting, and Weapon Training; added Two-Weapon Fighting table to Abilities tab.
2.12 2009-06-16 Added more Craft, Knowledge, and Language slots to Skills tab; changed how the cost of skills are calculated; added LanguageSheet to give more room for Crafts, Knowledges, and Languages; fixed serious bug in Size section on Background tab.
2.11 2009-06-02 Added warning on feats tab, when the feat is not in the core rulebook; added Mighty Slam feat; added Mental Fatigue power.
2.10 2009-05-27 Fixed bug on skills sheet so that enhanced ability bonuses would be included in skill bonuses; shortened some feat descriptions to fit on character sheets; clarified description of Evasion feat; added Rnk and Save headings on the power table on StandardSheet and FantasySheet.
2.09 2009-05-18 Modified StandardSheet to display added Strength from Growth
2.08c 2009-05-14 Added custom feat "Two Weapon Fighting" from Warlords of NUM
2.08b 2009-04-29 Fixed Misc Defense Modifiers error on StandardSheet and FantasySheet
2.08a 2009-04-28 Fixed bug on skills sheet; fixed Heavy Load error on StandardSheet and FantasySheet
2.08 2009-04-10 Added FantasySheet; added Gamble and Navigate skills from Warriors & Warlocks; added Challenge, Crushing Pin, Cunning Fighter, Damaging Escape, Dedicated Dodge, Dedication, Defensive Strike, Defensive Throw, Dirty Fighting, Favored Conditions, Finishing Blow, First Strike, Follow-Up Strike, Grappling Block, Improved Concealment, Improved Ranged Disarm, Improved Trick, Improvised Weapons, Iron Stomach, Light Sleeper, Lionheart, Monkey Climber, Niche Protection, Oathbound, Power Attack (variant), Precise Strike, Rage (variant), Rallying Cry, Reversal, Sea Legs, Sweeping Strike, Swift, Tough, Trap Sense, Unbalancing Strike, and Veteran Fighter feats from Warriors & Warlocks; fixed Jack-Of-All-Trades bug on Feats sheet
2.07 2008-07-27 Added Condition List for output to StandardSheet, modified for Simplified Combat; added Simplified Combat options to MiniSheets
2.06 2008-07-25 Modified StandardSheet for Simplified Combat
2.05 2008-07-06 Changed StandardSheet "Bruised" and "Injured" to "Bruises" and "Injuries; added MiniSheet2 with a wider Powers column; added alternate spellings for Super-Strength; added "Use Simple Combat" setting on Background tab; redesigned MiniSheets and WoundTrackerSheet
2.04 2007-05-15 Added "Treat drawbacks as" option; made StandardSheet automatically detect if Drawbacks are treated as Complications; added Space Travel to movement tab and StandardSheet; made movement values work up to progression level 25 (and beyond, but the values cap at 25); improved how movement override values are displayed.
2.03 2007-05-05 Fixed quotation links; added "bought as power" to feats sheet; rearranged Combat section of abilities tab to improve clarity; fixed error in skill cost calculation; added Enhanced [Ability] to skill ability bonuses; added additional modifiers for Weakness Drawbacks.
2.02 2007-04-20 Removed two background questions from background and StandardSheet, and expanded boxes for Appearance and Personality; added quotation to TextSheet, BBCodeSheet, and WikiSheet.
2.01 2007-04-18 Made sheet references absolute; added WikiSheet; made minor modifications to TextSheet and BBCodeSheet.
2.00 2007-04-16 Added "last updated" field to Background and back of StandardSheet; corrected cost of "Dyn Alt Power" when it is the first Alternate Power in an Array; added blank rows for powers, feats, flaws, extras, etc. for custom content; added BBCode sheet; redesigned AltFormSheet; added calculation for Powers whose Flaws exceed their base cost; sorted Feats chart; added Sense Types to Powers tab; made several minor formatting changes.
1.09 2007-03-09 Added "Technological" origin.
1.08 2007-02-27 Rounded up Equipment cost; corrected some capitalization; modified TextSheet; added warnings to trade-off values; double checked Carrying Capacity calculations for Super-Strength; expanded Boost, Drain, Transfer, and Transform powers; attractively rounded large Carrying Capacity values; added HAS_XXX to feats and powers.
1.07 2007-02-17 Corrected max Attack, max Defense, max Toughness warnings; corrected Current Events skill; corrected detection of Luck feat; modified display of Drawbacks; corrected Con max warning; modified skill display on StandardSheet.
1.06 2007-02-13 Enabled multi-line feat descriptions; sort feats alphabetically; changed language option from "Progression" to "Progressive".
1.05 2007-02-12 Corrected error in Device cost calculations.
1.04 2007-02-06 Modified device rank calculations.
1.03 2007-02-06 Designated which powers are in which device, and calculate the Rank and Toughness for each device.
1.02 2007-02-04 Modified some cell notes; modified StandardSheet layout; added Value (m) and Value (km) columns to Progression Chart; made "USA" the default measurement system; check all feats for rankability; add note for unused skill points; rounding of leaping and base movement; correct PL tradeoff for max ability scores; added language progression option; added Dynamic Alternate Power.
1.00 2007-01-31 Modified some layouts; redesigned DeviceSheet; added Arrays, Devices, and Equipment to powers tab; added page number references to powers chart; made Uncanny Dodge ranked.
0.11 2007-01-30 Modified some feat descriptions; added metric feat descriptions; reorganized powers tab; corrected Vibration Control; standardized capitalization of save types.
0.10 2007-01-29 Fixed Rage feat.
0.09 2008-01-28 Fixed favored Opponent and Favored Environment feats.
0.08 2007-01-25 Fixed Leaping bug; improved Movement display; fixed print areas.
0.07 2008-01-25 Incorporated fix for Improved Disarm.
0.06 2007-01-21 Standardized cell names; removed duplicate data; added warnings; increased space for Craft, Knowledge, and Perform; shortened some Feat descriptions so that they fit on a character sheet.
0.05 2007-01-12 Fixed numerous small errors, tweaked StandardSheet, added metric measurements.
0.04 2006-10-06 Fixed errors in ability bonus and language selection.
0.03 2006-09-14 Performed extensive reformatting and spellchecking.
0.02 2006-09-09 Incorporated fix for Shield based on work done by Sean smparadox@gmail.com.
0.01 2006-07-12 Based on Simpsons' Character Builder M&M 2nd Edition, Issue #1.7

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