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AutoRealm SourceForge site
Free (GNU General Public License)

Fractal lines and curves
AutoNAME, a random name generator
Glyph line styles
Instant hex, square, and triangle grids
Tiling of large maps onto multiple pages
Import and export of Windows Metafiles and Enhanced Metafiles (*.wmf)
Custom fonts
Intuitive user interface
Bitmap objects
Hyperlink and popup support: open URLs, docs, other maps, or execute programs via a link on the map
Read-only mode so you don't accidentally change a map being viewed
Lots of push pin enhancements for play by email
Icon ordering for nice looking placement of complex symbols
Main Screen
Conwy Castle
executable - AR210Setup.exe (3.0 Mb)
help source - arhelp1_11.zip (589 Kb)
AuoRealm file format (200 Kb)
add-on symbols by Jyves (156 Kb)
CHM conversion development (619 Kb)


Developers or those who would like to compile the source code for themselves may visit the AutoRealm project at SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/autorealm/.

For up-to-date information about AutoRealm, you can join the Yahoo! AutoRealm email group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/autorealm/.

Librarian's Comments

AutoRealm is a free role-playing game mapping program. The author, Andrew Gryc, has made the program open source under the GNU General Public License. This program, while having some limitations, is an excellent mapping program that can design castles, cities, and more. If you want better, you'll need to buy or borrow a commercial drawing program such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.

The casual user should find this program user friendly and fairly easy to learn.

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