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Free (Public domain)

Graphical tile-based mapping utility for planning NWN modules.
Interior and Exterior tilesets.
Each tileset has a base layer and an upper layer, which dramatically increases the mapping possibilities.
Map display has 4 zoom levels.
Context-sensitive "Smart Draw" modes allow for easy painting of large objects like roads, rivers, walls, fences, cliffs, lakes, rooms, buildings, etc.
Attach text descriptions to tiles.
Attach NPCs, creatures, items, triggered events, and portals to tiles.
Attach doors to tiles (including locked, hidden, and secret doors).
Print out your maps, text descriptions and object data.
Export Maps to BMP file.
Cut/copy/paste rectangular regions of the map.
(Nearly) unlimited Undo/Redo function.
Add your own custom tilesets, complete with transparent layering and Smart Draw modes.
Main Screen
Tile Palette
Sample Map: Aberwyvern
Sample Map: Temple Catacombs (NWM file)
Sample Map: Winterbay
Sample Map: Wylandor (NWM file)
Sample Map: Ylarum
executable - nwmap1.2.zip (2.1 MB)
source - nwmap1.2-src.zip (706 KB)


A list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) can be found here and here.

Librarian's Comments

NWMap is a free, powerful, tile-based mapping utility designed to help you plan modules for Neverwinter Nights (and you may find it useful as a general RPG mapper as well). The author, Jason Harris, has released the program into the public doamin. NWMap uses context-sensitive drawing algorithms that make mapping complicated areas fast, easy and fun.

The casual user should find this program user friendly and fairly easy to learn.

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