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Fantastic Free Maps in the Accessories category - Misc, Free
Professionally drawn maps and dungeon tiles provided free for personal use.
(Added: 2015-12-08, 943 hits)
Rating: 8.74/10 from 4 votes. [Rate It]

Random Dungeon Map Creator in the Accessories category - Fantasy, Free
Free randomly generated dungeon maps in a variety of styles and sizes.
(Added: 2015-12-08, 633 hits)
Rating: 8.74/10 from 4 votes. [Rate It]

Mutants & Masterminds Character Builder in the Software category - Superheroes, Free
A LibreOffice spreadsheet intended to facilitate creation of Mutants & Masterminds characters. It may or may not work with Excel if converted to that format from within LibreOffice.
(Added: 2015-03-03, 884 hits)
Rating: 8.89/10 from 12 votes. [Rate It]

Historical Maps of the Habsburg Empire in the Inspiration category - Misc, Free
This magnificent archival content is world-wide unique in sense of antiqueness, resolution and artistical implementation. Explore the georeferenced version comparing to today maps!
(Added: 2014-11-15, 577 hits)
Rating: 8.74/10 from 4 votes. [Rate It]

Lindybeige in the Discussion category - Fantasy, Free
Lindybeige discusses medieval weapons and various other topics, bringing real-world insight into fantasy games.
(Added: 2014-11-12, 649 hits)
Rating: 8.99/10 from 5 votes. [Rate It]

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Topological Maps in the Inspiration category - Misc, Free
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has been producing detailed topographic maps for more than 125 years. They are nearly all digitized and free to download through the USGS Map Store, an incredible treasure trove for both map junkies and casual hikers alike.
(Added: 2014-10-15, 527 hits)
Rating: 8.74/10 from 4 votes. [Rate It]

Urban Heroes in the Games category - Superheroes, Commercial
A consciousness-blowing tabletop RpG about superheroes, conspiracy theories, physics and the contemporary pop culture.
(Added: 2014-04-24, 749 hits)
Rating: 6.49/10 from 4 votes. [Rate It]

Epic Character Image And Token Generator in the Software category - Fantasy, Free
Epic Character Image And Token Generator allows anyone to create realistic character portraits in no time. You can simply choose what items to display on the base character, save your image with a static or transparent background, and use it to illustrate player and non-player characters, or to save the images as tokens.
(Added: 2014-04-24, 2761 hits)
Rating: 9.23/10 from 8 votes. [Rate It]

The Fantastic Ethereal Roleplaying Board in the Discussion category - Misc, Free
The Fantastic Ethereal is a discussion forum revolving around a collective of highly detailed roleplaying 'universes,' formed through a combination of original material and established canons.
(Added: 2014-04-24, 948 hits)
Rating: 8.33/10 from 3 votes. [Rate It]

British Pathé in the Inspiration category - Misc, Free
British Pathe has now uploaded its entire collection of old films to the web. The 85,000 short pieces include many news reels and tourism videos set in the British capital. Ride around in 1960's West End traffic for 20 minutes, see what a 1930's fog looked like (hint: foggy), or check out some vintage sexism as 18-year-old Candy Scott poses on a massive gun.
(Added: 2014-04-18, 696 hits)
Rating: 8.74/10 from 4 votes. [Rate It]



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