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Non-Player Characters of Night City

Dr. Carlotta Redgrave
She was the scientific brains behind Vanguard. Now she is the team's sworn enemy. What are her far-reaching and ominous plans?

Beowulf (Dead)
Benedict Judge
created by Rob Rogers
Like a nightmare given form, Beowulf stalked the scum of the city and meted out his own brand of justice. The only ones who feared him more than the criminals were the people he had sworn to protect. Now he's dead, and has left a legacy to his protege... Krane.

He's cool, refined, and cultured. He's a reasonable man. He's also a homicidal maniac who can toss a Volkswagen like a football.

Lyle Hawthorne
The handsome young assistant to Dr. Redgrave. He tries to do a good job at Vanguard, but he really just wants to finish his doctorate in Xenobiology and Violation Physics. The stress of managing the team proved too much for him, and he's taken a leave of absence from Vanguard.

The only remaining survivor of the Vanguard massacre, he is the last link between the old Vanguard and the new. But what no one outside the team knows is that this Modulator is a sham, just a remote-control robot posing for the public. What happened to the real Modulator?

The justifiably arrogant mastermind behind the Greenfield Observatory Massacre. His armor is impregnable, his mind is brilliant, and his heart is utterly cold.

For Xanadu did Kublai Khan
A stately pleasure dome decree...

(A pity she screwed him to death before it was finished....)

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