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Player Characters of Night City

David Baker
created by Jim Crocker
A nature-lover and former forest ranger, his body has been transformed to the ultimate organic survival machine.

Britestar (Dead)
Roscoe McGrath
created by Scott Singleton
A hard-boiled mystery writer who has been given the gift of living light, he led the life of adventure he used to only write about... until he was killed by a higher power.

Emerald (Missing)
Soon Li Park
created by Amy Crittenden
A powerful martial artist, she is a firm advocate of those she calls "gifted." Her strong beliefs and natural presence made her a born leader. She was injured in the Orange County Women's Prison bombing, and hasn't been seen since.

Donna Kirschner
created by Frederick Earl
A mystery woman with a quietly melodious voice, she has the power to control sound and vibration. Her power is her secret, and her secret is her power.

Vainnen Kakker
created by Jeff Wilson
A no-nonsense guy with no-nonsense powers. He's rough, tough, and he can build an APC out of a washing machine and a wheelbarrow.

Stephan Oeler
created by Jon W. Sloan
A martial artist and kung-fu master, Krane has made his mind and body one, a united weapon against crime.

El Langosto (Missing)
Carlos Villereal
created by John Ward
A young Hispanic man who has the ability to compress his physical body to a fraction of its natural size, increasing his strength and speed in the process. He also hasn't been seen since the Orange County Women's Prison bombing, and has been spending his time putting needles in his arms.

Powersurge (Dead)
Amanda Edwards
created by Konji Harrison
She was a woman on the run from her past, and from her enemies... until she was killed by a marauding robot.

Stephen Aquillon
created by Boris Schoner
A man turned to crystal by an industrial accident, he has lost all that he cherished. Now he uses his curse, his great strength, and his nigh-invulnerability to help others.

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