The Vanaquisl

Geographical Location

The Vanaquisl lands are an area of vast coniferous forest, rushing rivers and crystal-clear lakes that stretches from the Mountains of Mist in the west to the Gera and Uttica mountains in the south and east. This forest - the "Garda-rike" or "Fortress-land" - is untrammeled wilderness, dotted with only a few fortified towns of the Olmai. The Garda-rike is bounded to the west by the Olmai lands, to the east by the Dymerian Empire, to the south by the Theocracy of Sade, and to the North by the harsh tundra. The Garda-rike is a land of short, humid summers and long, snowy winters.


The Vanaquisl are a tribal people. For the most part, they roam the endless forests, hunting, never settling. Every tribe is led by its shamen and hero-warriors, and is at war with every other tribe. However, every tribe most hates the "light-heads" - the Olmai who have invaded their realm and who cross the forest on their own inscrutable journeys. Some of the Vanaquisl have settled in the eastern mountains, where they dwell in fiercely defended eyrie-villages. They make their living by an equal mix of farming, hunting and raiding. Their economy is strictly local and barter-based. The Vanaquisl worship and placate a huge number of local spirits, small gods and demons, usually by sacrifice at sacred places.

Racial makeup

The Vanaquisl are a homogenous race, being short, swarthy and muscular. They are black-haired, with dark eyes. Almost all Vanaquisl - particularly warriors - bear tattoos. Their neighbors respect their skill in forest-lore, fear their unrelenting savagery and the strong (indeed, often uncontrollable) magic of their sorcerors, but deride their primitive squalor.

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Hunter/gatherer, Priest (Shaman), Warrior