Popular History

Long, long ago, the land was a dangerous place, covered in dark forests full of vampires, shape-shifters, giants and fey creatures. The people worshipped the Forest Man, who protected them. Then 12 strangers came out of the sea, leading people in their shining ships of gold. These were the Gods out of the Sea, also called The Twelve and the people they led were called the Sea People. The Sea People held in highest honor the new gods: the Laughing God and his wife the Crying Woman. These gods had 4 children: two daughters, the Butterfly Girl and the Woman of Tides, and two sons: The Horned Man and the Smiler. They were assisted by the old gods - the Thoughtful Man and his wife, the Crone (who were the parents of the new Gods) and their 4 helpers: The Wizard, the Sage, the Dreamer and the Black Man.

At first the new Gods and the People of the Sea made war on the People of the Land and the Forest Man, making their lives even more miserable than before. At the end though, a peace was made and the great compact was signed on the island called the place of peace or the place of the compact. Today the ground of the compact is held holy in the precincts of the great temple of the White City and it is the centre of the church, where the Arcobulon lives. Since that time the Twelve and the Forest man have lived in peace and their people have become one. The monsters were driven into the wilderness and the old gods went off into the mountains of Samadria, while the new gods took each a land for their own - The Laughing man built his Court of the Sun in Talarg. The Woman of Tides built the Hall of Sighs on the northernmost point of Thurbulon, while her sister the Butterfly Girl dwelt in the Golden Hall on Hallanwell. The Horned Man built his mountaintop eyrie, The Watchful Keep of Terregor, while the Smiler kept no court but made his home in many places on Ostragya. From their rule have come the noble families of the archipelago.

The rule of the Gods was a golden age, but eventually the followers of the Gods began to quarrel, each boasting of the superiority of their ruler. The Gods themselves began to take part in their followers' quarrels until at last the Smiler and the Horned Man began to fight. Their quarrel grew so violent that the land was riven, so that the sea poured in, and many cities and people were destroyed. At that point, the Laughing God ceased to laugh and calling all the Gods together he caused a great house to be raised near the place of the compact, and all the Twelve went inside and summoned the man who had tended the place of the compact. The gods never came out, but the man did, as the first Arcobulon. He taught that from now on the Gods would rule all the Six Kingdoms together, each overseeing their own sphere. So that the Arcobulon would be obeyed, they taught him marvelous secrets, which he passed on to his followers. From these followers came the Church.

Following this time, High King Hadawan ruled all the lands and his sons after him, but just like the gods, after many years, his sons began to quarrel. First, Lord Taelor quarreled with high king and when he was forgiven and became the king' friend the other lords were jealous. The Lords Haydan and Kayne began to fight, the first for the High King, the second against. Their war lasted for many years and great deeds were done both evil and brave. Some of the Kayne Armigers refused to betray the High King and died for him but the great shiplord Karl Kayne beat all his Armigers and sunk his fleet. The High King refused to be captured and threw himself into the sea and that was the end of the High Kingdom. All the great lords fought against each other for power and the six most powerful established themselves as kings and princes of the Six Kingdoms, except in Samadria where all the lords got together and formed a Hada (or great council) like the old days. When men from Tyranc heard the high king was dead they sent a great fleet, but the Arcobulon summoned all the Armigers and also powers from heaven and they were defeated, so that no enemy has ever conquered the Six Kingdoms except the Sea People and the Twelve Gods.

But all that was hundreds of years ago.