The Su'uvenayan Archipelago

The Su'uvenayan Archipelago lies south of the continent of Lumulea, and is composed of 9 large islands and countless smaller ones. The islands have a pleasant climate, fruitful with deep woods, well-watered fields and many small clear streams.


The Archipelago is a feudal society where all land and property is owned by the noble class. Nobles are supported by a class of military clans, the Armigers, although warfare is often restricted to raids. Economics revolves around ship-borne trade, farming and fishing. Most clans are self-sufficient, or trade by barter with their immediate neighbors, but some traders range as far afield as Lumulea. Art is also held in high esteem with rich nobles gaining prestige by supporting famous artists. There are two non-hostile faiths: the worship of the Twelve - a pantheon of 12 related deities, which is widespread, and the worship of the Forest Man, which is mostly restricted to provincial and rural areas. People may follow both cults.

Racial makeup

The Su'venyans are racially homogenous - they tend towards fair or brown hair and light eyes. Both men and women are of medium height - generally about 1.8 metres - and well muscled. Men tend to wear their hair short, except on Terregon, and if they have beards also keep them short, while women wear their hair at shoulder length or longer.

Available Everyman Packages

Noble, Priest, Townsman, Villager, Sailor