The Shadow Kingdoms

Geographical Location

The Shadow kingdoms are a collection of petty fiefdoms that dot the ashen plans of the Land of Shadow, or the jagged mountains that form its boundary. The path north to the Mist Marches of of the Eochail lands is cut off by the Sea of Glass, while to the south are stark hills that cluster about Pesh - the stronghold of the last of the Dark Lords. Both east and west the land is bounded by the mountains known as the Ramparts of Madness.


Civilization is a exaggeration when discussing the Shadow Kingdoms. Because of the perpetual shadow, few things grow and there is little natural animal life. Almost all people therefore live in the holdings, where they survive on the produce of wizardly cornucopias, and such crops as can be maintained in near-darkness. Only warbands and savage volktaar warriors move in the wastelands. Most holdings - unless decimated by war - have more people than they can comfortably support and life is thus a constant struggle. Moreover, the Lands of Shadow are the last stronghold of the remaining Lords of Darkness, and the people of the Shadow Kingdoms wage constant war against the Dark Lords and their twisted creations. Every holding is fiercely independent and hostile to every other holding too. As a result, the Shadow Kingdoms boast few arts that are not directly related to combat, guile or torture, and they spurn any sign of weakness or fellow feeling. The unfortunate traveler in the Shadow Kingdoms must be mighty indeed, or he will swiftly end up inside something's - or someone's - stomach. The Shadow Kingdoms have no economy unless you count the killing and robbing of strangers. Shadow kingdom religion consists largely of prayers for success in combat to a large number of extremely warlike gods, but there is little ritual or sacrifice. The people of the Shadow Kingdoms don't expect much from their gods, who plainly can't regard them with much affection.

Racial makeup.

The people of the Shadow Kingdoms resemble the Eochail people physically - dark haired, green or gray-eyed and of middling stature. However, they are extremely pale through constant lack of sun.

Available Everyman Packages

Noble, Priest, Serf