The Rutanans

Geographical Location

Rutana is an island kingdom off the east coast of Southern Gorgamelle, although it has also annexed lands on the coast as well. Rutana has no near neighbors, since the coast it faces is covered by the pestilential Great Southern Jungle.


The rulers of Rutana claim a pedigree that fades into legend, and the ruins with which the adjacent coast is littered do lend some credence to their claim to be descended from the rulers of a vast empire. These days however, their glory is definitely fallen, and the ruling dynasty (which traditionally supplies both the Preceptrix who leads the army and the Theopomp who heads the powerful Temple of the Waters) is little better than a clan of savage bandit chieftains. They maintain their power by playing the leaders of the various antagonistic clans against each other and by the judicious use of atrocities against their enemies. The economy is based on fishing and trawling the Great Southern Jungle for buried treasure and slaves, both of which are exported northwards. Rutanan religion is based on the worship of a pantheon of gods, the oldest and most powerful of whom is the capricious sea god Momas. Blood sacrifice is a common feature of the worship of Momas, and most of the other gods are no more appealing.

Racial makeup.

The main race on Rutana is clearly related to the Mhomalans - jet black skin and hair, dark, flashing eyes and an average height of well over two metres for men, and only slightly below two metres for women. However, there are members of the Khishite and Sialic races there as well, mostly in the towns on the mainland who are generally either escapees from the northern cultures or their descendants.

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