The Olmai

Geographical Location

The Olmai lands are found on the northwestern coast of Gorgamelle, and on the large island of Hekla off the coast. East of them are mountains that separate the coast from the Garda-Rike, where Olmai settlers live in heavily fortified villages as a defence against hostile Vanaquisl tribes. The Olmai coast is a stark landscape and not heavily settled. Hekla, while a little more hospitable is even less settled. There are great areas of little-known coniferous woods in both areas, soaring unexplored mountain areas, and - on Hekla - open trackless heaths where travelers can walk for a week and see but a single homestead.


The Olmai live mostly in small villages, and such cities as dot the coast are of recent origin, due to slowly increasing population, and the development of trade routes which carry gold from the mountain streams, furs and dukka-fur rugs and cloaks south into Dymeria. Olmai warriors often cross the Garda-Rike in warbands to serve as mercenaries in Atrios, where there is a sizable expatriate community. The Olmai are independent, and while they are hot-tempered and occasionally violent, on the whole they are not very warlike, most differences being solved by irregular meetings where an settlement is thrashed out between local landowners. They have no kings or noble class, the only distinction being the size and style of the household a family can afford to maintain. The Olmai are great sailors and trade up and down the coast, occasionally indulging in a little piracy when trade is slow.

Racial makeup

The Olmai lands are isolated and thus fairly racially homogenous. Both men and women are tall (averaging around 2M) and muscular, with light red to reddish-brown hair and pale skins. Men tend to wear their hair shoulder length and beards are pretty much universal. Women tend to wear their hair long and often braided up. The only foreign presence of any size is composed of Halsings who have sailed along the Khargahz shore, who have originally fled their own land for some reason or other, and who retain their own cultural identity since they tend not to intermarry much (for obvious cultural reasons).

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