The Mhomahlans

Geographical Location

The Mhomalan kingdom occupies a high plateau that thrusts up out of the Great Southern Jungle, just south of the Great Rift. It is a land of warm open grasslands, fringed by high mountains, and on all sides, steep cliffs tumbling down into the pestilential forest.


The Mhomalans are mostly herders, living in large tribes and following their animals across the wide plateau. The few cities that dot the plateau serve mostly as gathering points for the tribes. There is little trade or even contact with the outside world, due partly to the terrain and also since it is not encouraged by their ruler - the Mhomalan Witchqueen. Supported by her priestesshood, the ageless - and extremely beautiful - witchqueen has guided her kingdom for many generations as both ruler and high priestess. The Mhomalan religion is based on the worship of seven deities who hold sway over the seven essential human activities, but in truth, the Mhomalans are not much given to religion, and the priestesshood largely spends its days interpreting dreams and offering cryptic oracles. Only on a few holy days a year do the Mhomalans expend much pageantry on their religion, but they love to dress up and dance on plenty of other occasions. They hold oratory in high esteem and no celebration is complete without story-weaving competitions where orators take turns at weaving a new story from their competitors' tales.

Racial makeup

The Mhomalan kingdom sees few strangers since it is lapped on all sides by the jungle. The Mhomalans themselves are very tall, with men often well over two metres and women averaging around 2 metres. Both sexes are athletic. Ability in long distance running is well regarded, as are the martial arts. Their skins are not just dark, but jet black, as is their long straight hair, and their eyes are also dark. They have elongated skulls, with long faces and pendulous ears. In nature, the Mhomalans tend to be reserved and polite - even an exchange of strangers meeting on the road is replete with inquiries as to the other's health and wishes for continued well-being.

Available Everyman Packages

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