Slavery in the Martic League

Slavery is illegal throughout the Martic league, but there exists a thriving slave trade, m ainly aimed at the Saharnian Market. The slavers work from fortresses in remote locations outside the cities and generally escape molestation by avoiding harrassment of Martic citizens and the payment of generous bribes. The practice of indenture exists, though, under which a person may sell his services - or those of a ward - for a certain period of time. An indentured servant may not leave his employment or refuse to work, but he or she is technically a free citizen with attendant legal rights and he cannot be held to his employment once his contract expires. He - or another - may also buy out the remainder of his contract, if the money becomes available. Forged papers of indenture are often used whentransporting slaves and some merchants of dubious morality specialise in acquiring cheap indentured labour - for example by buying children on 50 year indentures from impoverished parents.