The Martic League

Geographic Location

The Martic lands are bordered on the east and south by the Kintamo mountains, beyond which lie the arid plains of the Keshites, and on the west by the sea. North is the narrow mouth of the Mithil sea - the Straits of Tarek.


If one word characterizes Martic culture, that word would have to be acquisitiveness. Martic traders collect everything - precious metals, magic items, cloth, new religions and crackpot philosophies with equal abandon. Originally established by the semi-legendary wizard-kings, today all three remaining city-states are republics ruled by elected councils of plutocrats. The three great cities of the Martic League are hives of commercial activity, from whence trading fleets sail up and down the western coast, all over the Mithil sea and even over the wide ocean to the isles of Atalantë and far-off Samadria. Martic culture is mad for ostentation and wildly competitive - even their temples (of which they have an unbelievable profusion) engage in active competition for worshippers, selling magical services and belief in equal measure.

Racial makeup

The Martic race is obviously closely related to the Sialic race, with similar features and darkly tanned skin. Curly hair is very common in the Martic League and both men and women wear their hair in a wild variety of styles. Martic people are excitable and enthusiastic, but always on the lookout for new opportunities. It is said in surrounding lands that no-one ever gets the better of a Martic trader, but they make the dealing so much fun, no-one really minds. There is also a significant minority in all of the states of Kvarch-nari, a tall, slender and autocratic mountain race who claim to have been the original owners of the coastal plains before the coming of the Wizard kings. Darker of skin than the Martic peoples and straighthaired, they are obviously different from the Keshite tribes to the east, whom they disdain. These days they make their living herding or selling their services as mercenaries, for which their ferocious two-handed swordsmen are much in demand.

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