History of The Martic League

1590 BP

Establishment of the fortresses of Anasamar, Lacramar, and Macasmar by the Wizard-kings of Khanjian, the last inheritors of the Atalantëans.

1390 BP

Destruction of Anasamar by an alliance between Lacramar and Macasmar.

1090 BP

Ilthmar founded.

970 BP

Exploratory voyages along the coast. Contact established with Attica

869 BP

Rebellion in Macasmar ends the rule of the Wizard-kings there.

785 BP

First exploration of the northern coastline brings the arrival of Olmai traders and northern influences to the Martic League

740 BP

War between Martic league and Sealords of Pernal.

650 BP

First exploration over the Kintamo Mountains into the Kordofan wastes

620 BP

War between Lacramar and Macasmar over trade routes into the hinterland. Macasmar defeated. Lacramar dominates the Martic lands.

592 BP

War between Lacramar and Ilthmar. Ilthmar besieged, defeated and extensively damaged ina six-month siege. Line of Wizard-kings extinguished and replaced by human kings in Ilthmar.

569 BP

Last of the Wizard kings mysteriously disappears from Lacramar (some say they remain, but simply retured from view). Republic established.

504 BP

Irilian founded by Olmai corsairs drawn by the twin lures of gems and land.

479 BP

Ilthmar invades Irilian. Great siege of Irilian. The attempted conquest is unsuccessful, but leads to years of fighting and continual skirmishes through and around the Sidamo Mountains.

456 BP

War between Irilian and Ilthmar ended by the revolt of the guilds in Ilthmar. City ravaged by civil war, and Ilthmar becomes a constitutional republic.

377 BP

Martic League officially formed by the Concordat of Sael.

312 BP

Macasmar finally ruined by raiding bandits and hill tribes, and abandoned.

227 BP

Trade routes through the straits of Tarek become more difficult due to the establishment of the Red Brotherhood. Overland trade routes through the Sidamo gain importance.

175 BP

Expeditionary force south from Lacramar which aims to revive southern parts of the state is dispersed and defeated by plague

124 BP

Continual attempts by Irilian to gain control of the Sidamo leads to the siege of the city by a wizard-raised army of monsters, which are only with difficulty destroyed.

100 BP

Decline of Irilian's gem beds and bankruptcy of the city.

47 BP

Great fire of Lacramar razes southern part of the city. City walls rebuilt in current form.