The Fon's Palace


Front Door, Fon's Palace, Shashamannse.

The palace is built of whitewashed mud bricks, reinforced with a rubble core. The tower in the centre of the largest courtyard, however, is built of cut stone. In both cases, the walls are about 1 metre thick at ground level, and taper slightly as they go up. Below is a floorplan of the palace.

The palace has about 55 general servants (about 60% male). They are generally unarmed though some may carry a dagger. They are essentially normals. In addition, there are 15 important servants - aged advisors and the like, who generally conform to the same stat.s but with extensive knowledge skills.

Adventurers or thieves entering the palace may be more interested in the fairly extensive guard the Fon keeps. There are normally 50 or 60 guards in the palace at any one time with about 400 more quartered in the towers around the city wall, or on patrol. Though not hugely numerous, all these men are experienced warriors. About half are 10 point basic warriors, half are 25 point seasoned warriors and a sprinkling are 50 point veterans. In addition, the Fon has a personal retinue of mighty warriors and two mages, plus a couple of sorcerous priests. These men are basically ravenous wolves - the dregs of society from the Sidamo and the lands round about - and they keep the Fon's warriors and the general population in line by a mixture of respect and fear. They are the law in Shashamannse and as a result do pretty much as they please.

The Stats. for the normal warriors can be found here. The warriors of Shashamannse are better equipped than their countrymen in the hills, however, being all equipped with hide armour for the torso (3 PD/ED) and a heavy hide cap (4 PD/ED) under their head bindings. Almost all of them carry bows (this is their preferred weapon) and most have a heavy bladed shortsword in addition (this is the weapon that is so beloved of the Kanakil warriors that it has almost become their signature and they come to Shashamannse in great numbers to purchase these swords).

The Stats for the Personalities can be found here


Those wandering in the Palace without permission can expect to have encounters with the following personages (roll once every few minutes if moving during the day, once every 10 minutes, if moving quietly at night). The Fon has plenty of enemies, and has survived at least one attack on his life, so the guards are usually immediately suspicious of of people they meet and do not know - and doubly so if the strangers are obviously armed. Character types not encountered randomly will be in their rooms 50% of the time or out and about the palace the rest of the time.

Roll (3d6)



Sorceror-priest and 1-2 acolytes




Guard captain (100 point warrior)


2-12 servants


2-12 guards ( Compostion: 1/2 of them will be 10 point warrior, 1 will be a 50 point warrior for every 4 total, and the rest 25 point warriors)


1-6 guards (composition as above)


1-3 important servants and 1-6 guards (composition as above)


1-3 of the Fon's retainers (choose randomly)


1-6 guests and 1-6 servants


The Fon and 1-6 retainers

Floorplans, Fon's Palace