The Kuzi

Geographical Location

Kuzistan lies on the northern of the two peninsulas that nearly bisect the Mithil sea. North are the Ramparts of Madness, which border the detested and shadow-haunted land of Pesh, while northeast is the Empire of New Saharn.


Once the site of a great wizardly civilization, today the Kuzi people dwell in rude villages in the stark and hilly interior, or in the ancient cities along the coast. The former are primitive, while the latter still have access to many relics of lost wizardry, and are generally thought to be "strange" - haunted by odd visions and spirits from the past. Many people who have visited the wasted cities of Kuzistan have never returned, but stayed to enjoy the decadent pleasures available there. While each of the cities is independent, there is little trade and no hostility among them - rather an indifferent lassitude. The fickle and inscrutable nature of law enforcement in these cities makes them dangerous places for casual travelers, but havens for criminals from other lands. They are well known as ports of call to the Red Brotherhood. Kuzi religion consists of the worship of ancestors long dead and the powers that they revered - a very large number of specific gods, mostly each unique to a certain city or region.

Racial makeup

The cities of the Kuzistan coast are more cosmopolitan, but the population is generally of the same race as that referred to as Keshite - short, stocky and muscular, with skins much darker than their Sialic neighbors and frizzy hair. Temperamentally, however they are more reserved than their southern cousins being friendly - but but always with a suggestion of things hidden from strangers.

Available Everyman Packages

Noble, Priest, Serf, Villager