The Khish States

Geographical Location

The Khish states lie north of the Great Rift, and are bounded on their north and east by the Dymerian Empire. West is the Empire of New Saharn, and this location has made them pawns in the continual conflict between these two huge empires.


The remnants of what was once a homogenous empire itself, the Khish states share a common culture, which includes a strong interest in dreams and dream interpretation, the worship of the goddess Antanabra, and a caste-based society based on this religion. There are also similar cultural institutions such as the building cults in all of the Khish states. However, there are also regional differences, from the languid and decadent cities of Billün, to the harsh crag-top eyres of the robber-lords of Ulthar Kanash, which are reflected in their citizen's attitudes. Like Dymeria, Khishites tend to be tolerant of novelty - but where Dymerians are always ready to argue the merits of any innovation, Khishite culture espouses a sort of fatalism, perhaps better described as indifference rather than tolerance. On an economic level, Khishite trade is mostly carried on by the large tradesman caste, and is as sophisticated as that of their northern neighbors. Khishite cities trade in foodstuff, manufactured goods and spices carried up from the margins of the Great Southern Jungle

Racial makeup

Khishites have darkly tanned shins and dark hair, with great flashing eyes. They are clearly different from the Sialic races such as the Dymerians and Saharnians, being generally taller and more slender, with slightly elongated skulls. In the northern states, men tend to shave their heads and faces, while women wear their hair midlength. In the southern states men do not generally cut their hair and beards and mustaches are more common, while women's hair is normally worn longer.

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