The Kharghaz

Geographical Location

The Khargaz shore is the northernmost part of Gorgamelle - a bleak icy tundra bordered on the north by the icy seas and on the south by deep trackless woods or snowcapped mountains. To the south is Dymeria, west are the Olmai lands and east are the Halsing lands.


The Kharghaz are tribal nomads, who follow the great herds of Wurundor on their annual migration north in summer and south in winter. Their life is hard and often short - the bitter plains of the north offer few resources and little shelter. Virtually all their needs are provided by the Wurundor - food and transport, hair for weaving and dung for fires. All property in the tribe is owned by the headman, so young Kharghaz often leave their tribes and either trek south to Dymeria, or roam in small warbands. They are animists, with religion mostly being the placation of a variety of generally malign spirits, and the supplication of tribal spirits.

Racial makeup

The Kharghaz are of similar racial stock to the Halsings, being generally fair-haired and light skinned. However red hair is common, and as a whole, they tend to be shorter and stockier than Halsings. Both sexes tend to wear their hair long, with men tying it in a clubbed pigtail. Men almost always wear short or plaited beards. Kharghaz of both sexes are generally described as wild and uninhibited if not actually unhinged. A tendency to do things to excess seems to be ingrained into the Kharghazi psyche.

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Hunter/gatherer, Noble, Priest