The Halsing Realms

Geographical Location

The Halsing lands lie north of the Dymerian province of Lacedon, and are girt to west and north with mountains, beyond which lie the cold steppes where the Kharghaz roam. To the east is the sea. The country itself tends to cool climates, but is fruitful with deep woods, well-watered fields and many small clear streams.


The Halsing lands are a matriarchy where all land and property is owned by the women. Each clan is headed by the women of the family, who run the clan's business. Men are wanderers, who join a clan only by adoption. While clans are fiercely independent, they are only rarely genuinely antagonistic - the major source of conflict in the Halsing lands is their aggressive southern neighbors. Economics is at a simple level in Halsing society. Most clans are self-sufficient, or trade by barter with their immediate neighbors. Some trade is carried on with Dymeria, but that is mostly due to Dymerian traders. An unusual aspect of Halsing culture is the trade in "honour" that is carried out by Halsing men. Halsing religion is based on the concept of reincarnation and the status of women is in part related to their function as "soul beacons" for the rebirth of reincarnated souls into the clan.

Racial makeup

The Halsings are racially homogenous - they tend towards fair hair and light eyes. Both men and women are tall - generally about 2 metres - and well built. Men tend to wear their hair short with one or two pigtails, and wear beards, while women wear their hair pretty much as it pleases them.

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