The Eochail Kingdoms

Geographical Location

The Eochail kingdoms stretch along the western edge of the Deserts of Lamentation, filling the fertile plains and highlands west to the Sheogheach Mountains, beyond which is the trackless and fay-haunted Old Forest. South, the kingdoms have an indefinite border called the Mist Marches that stretches south to the Sea of Glass. North is the fanatically hostile mountain kingdom of Sade. The Eochail lands are temperate and fertile, and much of the highlands remain forested.


The Eochail lands are dotted with small villages and fortified steadings most only populated by a few families. There are cities however, some quite large, the roots of which go back into antiquity. City dwellers tend to be insular, with little connection to their original clans in the countryside. In most cases though, family and clan ties are paramount, and hostility - amounting sometimes to covert warfare - between clans is common. This rarely breaks into open warfare though - and when it does, it is often highly ritualized, with combat by champions settling differences. Large scale warfare is also rare, and in both cases this is due to the influence of the Eochail priesthood. Eochail religion is based on the concept of an earth spirit, which although referred to as the Goddess, partakes of both masculine and feminine qualities, and which links all living things. The priesthood which serves the Goddess is separate from the general culture, but serves as legal arbiters, advisers, healers and historians to the populace at large. Eochail craftsmanship is esteemed in many areas and there is lively trade both between the kingdoms and between the northern kingdoms and Dymeria and the Olmai lands.

Racial makeup

The Eochail people tend to be friendly with strangers, inquisitive and open - but also quick tempered. They laugh readily and fight cheerfully. They love eating and (especially) drinking. They are of medium height - dark haired and fair skinned (although they tan readily) with green or grey eyes. Men tend to wear their hair to shoulder length and both beards and mustaches are common, although not the general rule. Women normally wear their hair somewhat longer.

Available Everyman Packages

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