Dymerian Empire

Geographical Location

The Dymerian Empire is a vast realm, stretching from the languidly tropical coast lands of Selucios to the cold, wind-scoured highlands of Atrios. In between are soaring, icy peaks, huge, meandering rivers and a vast swampy basin into which many rivers feed. The majority of the empire however, is open, rolling plains - hot and arid in summer, and cool and dry in winter, and everywhere, the empire is dotted with castles, huge estates and enormous, bustling cities.

Dymeria is bounded by the Khish states to the southeast and the antagonistic Empire of New Saharn and the Deserts of Lamentation to the southwest. To the northeast are the Matriarchies of the Halsings, while the long northern and western borders peter out undefined in cold steppes, mountains and endless forests inhabited by a variety of barbarian tribes. To the East is only the sea.


The Dymerian Empire is ancient, vast, tolerant and cosmopolitan. Its cities are sprawling anthills of humanity and both magic and sciences are well advanced. The Dymerian Government is headed by the virtually immortal secluded emperor, who rules through a regent who in turn manages a fairly honest bureaucracy, town corporations in the cities and loose coalitions of nobles in the country. The Dymerian army is highly trained, well equipped and numerous.

Dymerian culture covers a huge range, but is generally characterized by a love of family (and home cooking!), a delight in argument and debate and an unusual tolerance for other cultures and religions. Dymerian religion is strongly family-based, and centres on ancestor worship and reincarnation - not unaware in a new body but aware and restored in the original flesh.

Racial makeup

The inhabitants of the Dymerian Empire are almost all nominally of Sialic stock, but they are a physically diverse lot. Members of the Sialic race tend to be of short to medium height - around 1.8 metres for men, slightly less for women. Skin colour tends towards light brown or olive, and eye and hair colour is generally dark. Men tend to wear their hair cropped fairly short, and women long. Mustaches and beards are not uncommon, but - especially in the heart of the empire - most men go clean shaven. However, there are certain general trends associated with the different provinces of the empire. In Lacedonia, lighter hair and skin colours are not unusual, while in Selucios, the opposite is true. Atrians tend to be shorter and stockier than their southern compatriots. However, members of almost every race on Gorgamelle - and some from beyond that continent - can be found in Dymeria. The Empire has a diverse economy based on manufacturing in the cities and a wide range of agricultural products, both of which are exported. It also has a great appetite for imports of every kind - raw materials, spices, amber and gold, etc. etc.

Available Everyman Packages

Noble, Priest, Serf, Townsman, Villager