Beastmen are the offspring of the fay race and an animal. They can vary in their mixture of humanoid and animal characteristics from animals with strange powers or abnormal intelligence, through to creatures which are almost human, but with revealing defects such as goat legs, cloven hooves instead of feet or a beast's head instead of a humanoid one. As with all such cross-breeds, the majority are sterile, and are not affected by iron. A few, however are fertile and share the fay race's susceptibility to iron. Beastmen are generally abandoned at birth if born of a fay, and such few as survive may be nursed by beasts in the wilderness. The majority are born of the animal parent and are raised with others of their type. These wild beastmen are feral and savage - but those whose deformities are not so great are sometimes raised by fays only to be cast out later. These are the most dangerous for they are usually more intelligent, and often know somewhat of spellcraft. Moreover, they are often filled with a burning hatred for both fay and humankind, outcast as they are from both. A few of the less outrageously deformed may occasionally stay within fay society, albeit at the lowest rungs - although there are rare instances of powerful beastmen who have gained greater acceptance. Due to the nature of their birthing, beastmen are almost always solitary, although they may have some commerce with beasts or fays. However, the rare fertile beastmen may give rise to small tribes of interbred creatures, growing ever more bastardised through the generations. Beastmen are often confused with Skin-changers (q.v.) or the creations of the Minglers of the Blood, although these are both of human origin. No specific characteristics can be given since their powers are a hybrid of fay and parent beast.

To calculate Stat.s for a beatsman, select its fay and animal parents and determine the average of all their stat.s. Then roll % dice with 50% representing the average value. Each full 10% below or above 50% decreases or increases towards the lower or higher stat. by 20% - so if some parents' stat.s were 4 and 16, the average would be 10, and a 64 on the die roll would round to 60 giving a 20% (of the difference) toward the upper Stat. (in this case a difference of 6, yielding 1.2 or a Stat of 11). For powers or talents, any possessed by both parents are automatically acquired by their offspring (the level determined by the average modified by the % dice roll). The total points (base + disadvantages) of the offspring are determined by the average of the parents (modified by the dice roll, of course). To fill up any remaining points, roll alternately for the parents' powers starting with those which might be considered defining (such as flight for avian creatures, or persistant shrinking or growth), then those which are persistent, and finally selecting others randomly. Powers which require certain physical or mental characteristics may be lost (spell-use, for example) if physical and mental capacities are inadequate.