Houndsgor is a prosperous and well established town with a sizeable fishing fleet. Smaller trading ships often call here on their way to or from Samadria even if their main port of call is Kasshert. As a result the town boasts a strong stone wall, 6 metres in height, with an iron gate. Most of the houses inside the wall are 2-4 stories in height, with a wooden or stone ground floor and half-timbered upper stories. Thatched roofs are illegal in town, so all houses have roofs of wooden or slate tiles - a few of the wealtheir houses actually boast lead roofs. Most streets are unpaved, though the market square and the street from the Manor up to the Bartered Beast are cobbled. The docks and the street to which they are attached have wooden walks.

General Accommodation

Most travellers of modest means pitch tents on the flat river meadows north of the Parade Ground along the Little Rock River. Food &endash; solid if not fancy - is available from outdoor kitchens for a modest fee.


The Bartered Beast: A new establishment, run by a retired trooper from Sillith, Panos. He caters to the recently arrived refugees from Sillith as well as a few locals. However most locals continue to patronize Geo's Inn, but freely admit that Panos is a fine and honorable fellow serving excellent food and beer.

Geo's Inn: Geo's hosts a local clientele primarily composed of long-time Houndsgar residents and traders who are frequent visitors.


The following serve food and drink, but lodgings are not available.

The Silent Partner: Features good food at reasonable prices, and is a favored watering hole for travellers.

Will's: Food, drink, service, and fellowship are of indifferent quality, but the prices are low.

The High Tail: A popular low-life hangout; the food is poor, but the beer is cheap.

The Forest Man Cult site

A circle of stones inside a copse of trees, maintained by the Houndsgar clan and the town fathers. Originally a token of respect to visiting hill clansmen, they now also serve the worship needs of the few Forest Man cultists who live here.

Council Office:

The Town Fathers, appointed by the Houndsgar lord, are comprised of the three senior priests, or priestesses, and four prominent Houndsgar citizens. This body's duty is to counsel and advise Sir Davis on civic matters. They meet in a large house, opposite the one rented by Lord Solanthos

The Manor

This is the residence of Sir Davis Houndsgar, head of the Houndsgar clan. Lands originally received by the Houndsgar clan included a Clan house on the docks of Dreria, the major town on Sillith, as well as trading rights. Territories currently held by Sir Davis and his dependants include the best bottom lands along the White Rock. Samadrian lords have taken (or been given) lands and titles belonging to armigers and shiplords who rebelled against Sorghall's coming to power, but the Houndsgars have kept their rights, despite some provocation. Sir Davis keeps a dozen of his armigers in the manor as a personal guard, the rest live in manors around or in the town.

Houndsgar Militia Armory and Constabulary

Houndsgar maintains a freeman militia comprised of two 16 man shield-and-spear files. Two more similar units of spearmen from the region can be assembled with two hours notice. These four units, with the 40-odd armigers of the Houndsgar clan, were the total military force in the region, although Sir Davis is quietly recruiting more armigers. Constable Leach, a local boy and former leader of the local militia, serves in what is only a recently established official position in Houndsgar. In theory, the constable can call upon the militia for manpower. However, in practice he still relies on Sir Davis and the clan when strong arms are needed to keep the peace and protect property.