The Conspirators


All of the conspirators are similar in age and general upbringing. They therefore (to simplify things) have been given identical base Stat.s, with individual abilities and notes listed thereafter (to 75 points). All of them, as citizens of the state, have received basic military training from their families against the day they might be summoned to war (except Tybati, who recieved similar training from his guild-fellows for other purposes).




Since all of these NPC's are reasonably wealthy (or have access to wealth), they can get their hands on almost any sort of mundane equipment. In most cases they will be carrying both sword and dagger, but not any other weapons. However, if forewarned of trouble they will procure armour (plate breastplates and helmets : 8 DEF, Locations 11-13, 3-5, -2 DCV, 1 END/turn)