The Hanged Man Inn


The Hanged Man is an inn famous, at least among adventurers and traders, located on the edge of the Great Scarp about 400 km west of Fort Clibarus, where it perches on the edge of a high cliff looking out over the the wastes of the northern Deserts of Lamentation. The inn was established and is still owned by Garicus Flamesword, a Dymerian who was, in his youth, a noted warrior and adventurer. He retired, together with his wife and a couple of friends to this isolated place. Although far from any city, the inn does a passable trade, since there is a continuous trickle of travelers passing between Dymeria and Na Féile. Most are only too glad to break their journey for a few days at the inn, which is also sometimes called "The lonely house". Garicus is an hospitable host, trading rumour and information with his visitors. He readily explains that the inn was established in the wilderness since he wanted to retire somewhere quiet, but didn't want to become too isolated. The inn will never make a lot of money, but Garicus is rumoured to be quite wealthy, so this is no hardship. This rumour has attracted the sort of attention that you might expect to such an isolated place, and the gibbet outside the gates that gives the inn its name is sometimes filled - despite his advancing years Garicus remains a tough fighter, and he is known to have magical protection. Indeed, his wife Endamar was for a time a pupil of the notorious Inva Mayar, a foreign wizard from legendary Lacramar, and is a reputable sorceress. The artificer Talécanar, an old friend of Garicus', also lives at the inn.

Garicus augments his income by a slightly more secretive business. He describes this as "minding", meaning that he will undertake to guard items that their owners don't want to carry with them, but fear to leave insecure. The inn has stood more than one siege in the defense of Garicus's treasures, although the reason is not widely known. As might be expected, the treasure room in Garicus's house is strongly defended by traps and sorcery. A number of heroes are friends of Garicus or use his storage service, so there is a 10% chance during any stay that some powerful NPC will be at the inn. He also employs 4 tough, seasoned guards who help out around the inn when they are not on lookout duty.

The Hanged Man - Detail Notes

The Hanged Man perches with its back walls on the edge of an almost sheer cliff, that falls in a series of steep steps to the desert 60 metres below. It is a little distance back from the track that serves as a main road to Na Féile, with a dusty trail leading to the fortified gatehouse. The area around the inn is sand and rock, with a few low scrub bushes. The inn has stout stone walls, with narrow slotted windows and the area around the walls has been cleared. This gives large caravans somewhere to set up their tents, but also makes it hard to get close without being seen. The inn has a tiled roof, and the thick walls make it cool inside even on the hottest days.

Dungeon Level.

This level is designed to trap and/or kill those who want to despoil Garicus of his wealth or the objects that he guards from others. It serves a secondary purpose as place of refuge at a pinch. Generally, the traps get nastier as you progress into the tunnels - Garicus would be happy to scare off those who can be so dealt with. All doors, unless otherwise stated, are of ironbound wood and securely locked. In general, where a security systems roll is called for, a concealment roll will do (with -1 on the listed penalties) but it will give no information on the nature of the trap, where a security systems roll will give at least an INT roll to determine what is going on. In a pinch, a simple PER roll can be made (at a further -5) to detect that something is hidden. Garicus and his cohorts rarely enter the tunnels, since the access to the real treasure room is by teleport - the two circles are teleport fixed locations (Triggered by standing on the spot and saying "Endamar" - the name of Garicus' wife). Together with Talécanar, she made the system and most of the magical traps in the dungeon. The teleport takes an extra phase to operate (because of the distance) and can carry up to 200 kg.

1 This room serves as Garicus' ample wine cellar. There are shelves on east and west walls holding bottles and an assortment of bits and pieces. The middle shelf in the east wall is false, and conceals a secret door to the cell. It simply pulls open. The obvious door is a trap for stupid thieves - a successful security systems roll will reveal that the door is strongly reinforced. This is because it is supporting a heavy block in the ceiling. A successful security systems roll (at -3 unless the ceiling is specifically examined) will reveal the presence of a trapdoor or falling block in the ceiling. The door is slightly difficult to force (need to apply 3 BOD to succeed) - once opened, the block (600 kg weight) will fall directly in front of the door, doing 7d6 HA.

2 A simple pit trap, designed to hold intruders rather than kill them. The trap is simply a 4 metre deep pit, covered by an Image (-5 PER roll, 1 use) doing 2d6 normal damage. However, at the bottom is a teleport (usable against others @ OCV 5, target has OCV 0 if surprised, triggered by contact, fixed location, 2 uses) into the cell marked T.

3 False door. This door only serves to trigger a trap. The door is of brass, ornately carved with swirling runes (they are symbols only, they don't say anything). The door is locked. The apparent keyhole is a trigger for several small dart throwers concealed behind the door and firing out through some of the deeply carved runes, which go right through the door, doing 1d6 RKA, autofire, 5 charges (only 1 use). remember that anyone kneeling in front of the door trying to pick the lock is likely to be at DCV 0 The trigger mechanism and the holes can be found with a successful security systems roll.

4 False door. This door only serves to trigger a trap. Similar in appearance to number 3, except that it is delicately poised. Once unlocked, a gentle touch is enough to overbalance it. The door weighs 800 kg and does 5d6 normal damage to any one directly in front of it. Equally important, it acts as the counterweight for a set of spears that are propelled out through the doorway (1d6 RKA, autofire, 5 charges [only 1 use])

5 The Spin Gate. This door apparently gives access to a small stone cupboard. A successful security systems roll will show that the door is mounted in some sort of moving stone work. If the door is opened, then closed, the stone cylinder will spin for a whole turn, stopping facing one of the 4 passages randomly. It is operated by an automaton under the cylinder - an animated suit of armour. Up to 4 characters could squeeze into the cylinder, but they would not be able to move. It will hold one in comfort - although the passenger will be somewhat dizzy (-3 DEX for d3 turns). The trapdoor to the animated armour's chamber is well hidden (PER @ -3). If the door at 6 is opened, it will emerge from its trapdoor and attack.







FAM with Axes (armed with great axe, 2d6 +1)



Armour 7 PD/ED



Takes no stun (60 point level)



Life support (doesn't eat, sleep or age)










4 / 4











144 total points

6 Trapped door. There is a sigil (invisible to normal sight) drawn on this door which when touched explodes in a blinding flash. Anyone watching will be subject to a 3d6 flash attack (Trigger, 1 use).

7 Pit trap. Can be found on PER roll @-5, or -2 if floor is being hit ahead of party. This pit trap is covered by a spring loaded door, which can only bear about 20 kg weight. If more than this is placed on it, the retaining pin will shatter, depositing whatever is on it in a chute that slopes steeply to the cliff below the Inn. If the trap is found, something more solid can be used to replace the pin, rendering the trap safe. Allow a DEX roll to grasp the edges of the pit, but anything held in the hands must be dropped to do so (DEX roll @ -4 if only one hand used). It is a drop of about 50 metres to the ground, but it is not entirely sheer - allow a DEX roll every 10 metres or so (after the person has sustained the initial 5d6 damage!). If the roll is made, the character is left on a tiny ledge, clinging to a small tree rooted in a cleft or some such, other wise they drop, sustaining further injuries for every 10 metres.

8 The Fire Demon - this is merely an illusion, albeit a terrifying one, of a demon wreathed in flame erupting through the floor. It will scream "Flee or die!", a command that is accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of fear. The trap is actually a presence attack (12 d6, 1 use) - there is only a feeble image to back it up, but people will only have time to notice this if they withstand the presence attack. However, characters overwhelmed by the presence attack will flee (back towards the pit trap) if they fail an EGO roll. If they fail a further INT roll, they forget about the pit in their fear.

9 The Cloud That Whispers' lair. In this room is a peculiar and rarely-seen creature - the cloud that whispers. The creature is only young, and was captured by Garicus, when it was driven to earth during a thunderstorm several years ago. The room has a noticeable smell of carrion and faecal wastes. The cloud that whispers is pressed up against the ceiling, and is fed regularly through the barred grating in the centre of the room (which opens into the lower floor of the gatehouse). It has now grown so large it fills almost half the entire ceiling. Garicus half wishes someone would break in and kill the thing. If it grows much larger, he'll have to do it himself!

10 Portcullis trap. On the top of this door is a retaining pin that holds up a portcullis. It weighs 800 kg (25 STR to raise) and does 3d6 killing damage to anyone underneath (it is tipped with sharp projections). A successful security systems roll will reveal that something is attached to the top of the door. Careful searching (PER roll) will reveal the service trapdoor and/or the flap covering the portcullis exit.

11 The Blade Barrier. In this hex, a veritable storm of knife blades circles endlessly. However, this is not immediately obvious, since they are invisible. Anyone walking holding something ahead of them will find out all right, but otherwise the only warning is a faint whistling. (1d6 autofire RKA, unranged, invisible to sight, continuous uncontrollable @ 0 END).

12 Trapped door. This door is of iron, cast with a dragon's head, holding a doorknocker in its mouth. If the door (but not the door knocker) is touched, the dragons head will breath flame down the passage - all the way to the bend in the corridor, doing 10 d6 EB, area effect, no KNB, 1 use. The door can be pulled open using the door-knocker.

13 False treasure room. In this room are stacks of coinage - mostly copper and silver, but also gold. The coins are in sacks, boxes and barrels. All the coins are in fact fakes. A chest full of gold coins will turn out to be full of stones affected by a transformation spell. (1d6 transformation, 1 hex effect, only effective underground). If the fake coinage is taken above ground, it turns back into stones and dirt. There are gems and jewelry similarly enchanted. There are also two suits of armour. Both are normal, but have additional enchantments put on them. The first is a suit of chainmail that feels light and easy to wear (Transformed from a normal tunic) The first time it is struck in anger, it will lose this enchantment. The second set is real plate mail - the transformation used on it makes it appear valuable, chased with gold and set with gems, and hides its true rusty appearance. Finally, there is a gaudy necklace, apparently of red gold and gems, in the form of a spider, whose legs clasp around the neck. If it is put on twice (i.e., taken off and put back on again) it will turn into a real spitting spider.

14 The real treasure room. Garicus has quite a lot of loot here. The items he keeps for others and his most precious items are hidden in locked vaults in the walls, which need successful concealment rolls to discover. These vaults are filled with images (perception roll at -5) which make them appear to be filled with stone - so they are all but invisible to N-ray vision.

Ground Level.

The courtyard of the inn is made up of well set flags and the walls are made of solid grey stone. The walls beyond the south wall (the gate faces east) but directly onto the face of the crag on which inn perches - most rubbish is disposed of directly over the wall, and it's about 60 metres to the ground.

1 Garicus' hall. For receiving guests, feasting and everyday activities. The high walls are adorned with trophies - weapons of defeated foes, shields or banners acquired in some adventure or other and a number of heads of stuffed monsters. All these are of sentimental rather than monetary value. The arrowslits overlooking the courtyard have stained glass windows (they can be opened) filling the hall with warm colours in the afternoon. There is a large fireplace at the south end.

2 Withdrawing room. This room is filled with colourful (and valuable) carpets and embroidered cushions. It is warmed by 4 large, ornate braziers in the form of coiled Cold-drakes, their mouths forming the coal pits. Suspended over the coals are small thuribles for burning incense or drugs.

3 Storage room. There is an old rug in the middle of the floor that covers the trapdoor down to the wine storage room below.

4 Smithy and Forge. This room is heaped with odd-looking mechanical contrivances, since it is used by Talécanar for both common iron-work as well as magical constructions. The small forge is always hot, since it is the prison for a small fire elemental. If released, it will vent its peevishness by trying to burn anything in sight.

5 Covered passage.

6 Guard room. There is a similar room across the passage, from which entry to the courtyard can be contested. This room contains a padlocked grate giving access to the Cloud That Whispers' room below. Occasionally there can be heard a long sibilant hissing as it vents gas. The creature is fed though the grate, so this room has a somewhat feral smell, traceable to the grate with a PER roll.

7 Entry to the courtyard - normally blocked off with the portcullis lowered from the room above.

8 Servant's Common room. The servants gather here for meals and time off.

9 Female servant's bedroom. The cook and maid sleep here. As servant's quarters go, this one is well appointed, being warm and snug. There are chests under the beds that hold personal possessions of quite good quality. Both women (and the male servants) have been with Garicus and his wife for years and are quite devoted to them.

10 Stables. Stalls for a dozen horses, stored barrels of grains and bales of hay.

11 Entry to the inn proper, Stairs to the wall-walk and guest rooms above.

12 The inn. The barroom can hold more people than the inn is capable of lodging, since caravans which break their journey here stop for food and drink (especially drink) but camp outside rather than pay Garicus' steep room rates for the normal guards and drovers. At a pinch, straw mattresses are bought out of the storeroom for people to sleep here.

13 Garderobe - empties into small drain that exits on the cliff face (only about 15 cm wide)

14 Entry to store room, kitchen and stairs up to private drinking room (stairs under).

2nd Floor.

1 Garicus' Bedroom. The floor is covered in deep furs and the room is filled with heavy, expensive furniture. Two large stained glass windows (they can be opened) overlook the cliff and face out across the desert. There is a large fireplace on the north wall. There is a picture of Garicus and his wife overlooking the bed. It is apparently fastened to the wall, but a successful concealment roll will reveal the clasp that holds it. If removed, it allows access to a small room holding Garicus' emergency equipment, and a teleport location similar to the one between the dungeon and the treasure room.

2 Nicely decorated guest bedroom. Two beds and a pair of chests.

3 Library. Garicus' wife, Endamar, uses it more than he does. This room is very tall, occupying two floors, with shelves around all 4 walls. There is a balcony halfway up to give access to the upper shelves, reached by a ladder. It contains a fine collection of maps, and books on monsters, legends of famous warriors, lives of generals, and the like in Dymerian. There is also an eclectic collection of books on history and occultism in Dymerian, Khishite, Martic and Penumian, and scrolls in Saharnian and Kuzite, focusing to some extent on the Empire of the Sun - particularly its magics and religions. On the shelves are a collection of stones with Eochail legends carved on them (Garicus is very proud of these - they were filched from Sarnac for his wife, at considerable personal risk).

4 Second guest bedroom. This one is not used much and is used for storing things not immediately needed (spare bedding, braziers etc.).

5 Talécanar's workshop. A bit more refined than the forge below, this room holds the more magical side of Talécanar's work. The place is littered with ordinary iron-work, gadgets that he is working on (Talécanar built many of the traps in the dungeon), weapons and books and scroll piled on every flat surface. There are surprising number of benches and shelves in this room, since a spell is in operation (1 level of shrinking, usable against others, area affect, continuous uncontrollable @ 0 END), which makes the room seem much bigger than it is - since it has successfully affected the area, anyone entering it is shrunken. Talécanar likes this spell a lot - it was his trademark, used for fitting a lot of gadgetry into a small space.

6 Talécanar's bedroom. Talécanar is an old associate of Garicus. He is an armourer with an interest especially in enchanted armour and weapons - which is how he and Garicus met. They adventured together on occasion on the trail of legendary weaponry and now Talécanar's forge serves both his magical research and more mundane uses such as shoeing horses. Talécanar is still a doughty (and dirty) fighter, and as might be expected is well armed. If need arises, he is quite happy to back the guards up.

7 Storeroom. General household items - bedding, oil, brooms etc.

8 Male servants' quarters. Two servants, who act as barkeeps and general roustabouts, sleep here. The room is similar to the female servants' quarters on the floor below.

9 Guard room. The four warriors employed as guards and bouncers sleep in this little cramped room, which is further crowded by piles of gear, weapons etc. However, all 4 guards are rarely in at the same time. There is a metal trapdoor covering the murder hole into the entry passage below and a ladder up to the roof. In the adjacent room is the portcullis and its winch (which can be dropped instantly by knocking the lock on the winch into the "off" position.

10 Entrance to the bedrooms. All cost about the same per room, so the smaller rooms are more exclusive and better fitted. The door at the southern end of the hall is usually kept barred. All doors on this floor are locked, with paying guests getting keys to the hall doors and their room.

11 Private room. Rented to those who want private parties, or a quiet place to drink or talk. If the inn is filled to overflowing, the furniture is stacked and straw pallets put on the floor. This room is graciously appointed, with wooden paneling and plush, heavily carved furniture.

3rd Floor.

1 Endamar's workshop. This is where Garicus' wife hones her sorcerous skills, and where she keeps her most valuable and dangerous possessions - those that aren't in the treasure vault. The door to this room is of welded steel strips and has two traps - one mundane, a glass dart shooter above the lock, with a spitting spider venom in it (one of Talécanar's toys) and the other magical. It is a teleport (triggered by touching the door with anything other than a key) to the cell in the dungeon. The workshop itself contains a large number of locked chests, of all sizes, containing spell components, various small and generally useless (and occasionally dangerous) magic items. There is no furniture, but a variety of cushions and rugs, and a set of elaborately carved candelabra - used for ritual more than light.

2 Solar. This room is well lit by skylights (barred) and is kept at a constant, pleasant temperature by a change environment spell (continuous uncontrollable @ 0 END, courtesy of Talécanar). The room is filled with greenery. It is used by Endamar to grow herbs and flowers, but she has now moved a few small chairs into the middle of the room - it has become a favourite place to sit and talk or just rest.

3 The long gallery. There are a variety of trophies here - items "acquired" by Garicus and Endamar in their adventuring days. Garicus has taken up painting in his retirement and this is where he usually practices it. The assorted items include armour and weapons, statuary, paintings, and some gruesome death-masks from the lands of the wyvern-riders.

4 The upper part of the library.

5 Roof of the gatehouse. There is a ballista here to see off unwelcome guests, and a small watchtower rises another 12 meters into the air.

6 Storeroom. This store is serviced by a pulley mounted above the double doors, so material can be lifted up from the courtyard. Items for both the households and the inn are stored here - cutlery, crockery, furniture, woodworking tools and general items such as cowhides, rat traps and the like, as well as some spare armour and weapons of no particular quality, and stores of dried foodstuffs, held against a time of need.

7 Storeroom. Similar to the room next door.