Adventures and Locations

On this page you will find both adventures set in the world of Arth and locations of interest - most of which can also serve as adventure settings in their own right. Almost all of the adventures are stand-alone sessions which can be dropped into an ongoing game for one or a few nights play. Others however, while they can be used this way, are designed to string together as a campaign of linked adventures, leading the players ever further into a specific storyline.


Na Féile

  • To the south of Na Féile, on the edge of the storied Mist Marches, lies the forbidding stone tower of Ventner's Crag, hiding a secret from ancient times within it.


The Martic Lands

  • No Night So Dark
    • In the fog-ridden city of Ilthmar, a fearsome creature is haunting the bloodied streets...
  • The Dead Moon Conspiracy.
    • A wandering group of adventurers is asked to rid a small town of an evil haunting.
    • The evidence in their hands leads the players to believe that war is coming - if they do not act fast, the peaceful town of Orlane could become a scene of massacre!
    • The secret behind the war is revealed - and found to be something worse!
  • The Sidamo Mountains Campaign
    • With angry foes behind, the only route of escape leads over the forbidding wastes of the Sidamo Mountains - and worse, for ahead lies the waterless Kanakil Depression, sacred to the fanatical Priests of the Lord of the Southern Gate!
    • In the arid crags of the Sidamo mountains, lies the hidden and semi-legendary city of Shassamanse. And hidden somewhere in the city, is a lost and fabulous treasure....
    • There are many who lust after the fabled treasure of Shasshamanse. One such is the tribal warleader Kerash Ahmahk. Even now, he gathers his troops in the barren hills. But his ambitions reach higher than merely plunder...
    • In the dusty hills and sun-smitten crags of the Sidamo, it is said that the few plants live mostly on spilled blood, for there is little rain. A package that comes into the players' hands promises plenty of spilled blood, with a host of foes lusting for its secret.
    • A bloody race through the mountains with the treasure of the Bloodstained God at stake!


The Su'uvenayan Archipelago

  • The Buried God. This is a full campaign set in the Su'uvenayan Archipelago, in which the players become embroiled in a plot to start a war and free a power beyong imagining buried below the earth.



  • On the sere and arid crags of the Great Scarp, between Dymeria and Na Féile, overlooking the Deserts of Lamentation, lies the Hanged Man Inne.


Na Féile

  • On the edge of the Mist Marches of Na Féile, stands the holding of Halstar the Fat, mighty warrior and feaster.