Non-Player Characters

Gothick Empires is my Fantasy Hero game set on an alternate earth VERY far in the future. The continents have changed, as has the flora and fauna of the planet, and human civilisations - wielding magic instead of technology - have ebbed and flowed across the face not only of the Earth, but of the planets and moons as well.

Humans haven't changed too much though - and below is a sampling of the many, many NPCs who have come and gone during the course of the game. They are all designed using my house rules, and split into groups organised by geographical area.

There is also a page for generic NPCs - characters you can use when you need a few guards or a street urchin or a wandering priest and don't want to spend time on making one up from scratch.

Player Characters also have their own page.

Finally there is the Random Character Generator, set up to generate Fantasy Hero NPCs.

The Dymerian Empire and client states

The Empire of New Saharn

The Eochail Kingdoms

The Halsing Lands

The Khish States

The Martic League

From semi-legendary Shashamannse in the Sidamo Mountains


The Mithil Sea

The Olmai Lands and the Gardarike

The Su'venayan Archipelago

People from here and there


Final note

A fair number of these NPC's were converted from pencil-scribbled and coffee-stained character sheets dating back to the dark days of Dee'enDee - I'm afraid it shows :-). Some of them were also converted from Dee'enDee NPCs posted to the net (likewise long ago). I'm afraid I never bothered to note where they came from, so although they may have altered a lot from the originals, if you think you recognise something here - please contact me and I'd be happy to give credit for the original inspiration.