A Brief Timeline

1 A.I.

Karzten I returns from the Sulfetti Wars and claims the Tau Crown with popular support, founding the Drevanian Dynasty. As Imperator, Karzten I uses the Tau Crown to repair the damage to the war-torn Imperium Core Worlds. He sweeps away the last remnant of the Second Republic, the corrupt Imperial Senate, and ushers in a golden age of peace and prosperity.

450 A.I.

Karevolg III is assassinated, and the Tau Crown is stolen. The Coda are suspected, and the heir to the Imperial throne, Kardynis I, bars the Coda from the Core Worlds.

700 A.I.

Karmardet IV ratifies the Bloodguard Pact. One-hundred forty-four Coda assassins become the personal bodyguards of the Imperial Family.

800 A.I.

Xirdakar the Mad, at the age of eight, begins his reign of terror.

815 A.I.

The Mindslayers, cybernetic dreadnoughts controlled by banks of living brains, are designed and built under the direction of Xirdakar.

900 A.I.

Xirdakar the Mad commissions the creation of the Deathless. The Astrologer, the Traveller, and the Heirophant are created: the first of the Deathless. Early Androsynth designs are tested, as well.

910 A.I.

Xirdakar the Mad is slain in ceremonial combat by his cousin, Karzten II. The fact that Xirdakar, at the age of one hundred eighteen, accepted the challenge of Karzten II, nearly a century younger, is accepted as evidence of Xirdakar’s madness.

The Patriarch of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun voices his support for Karzten II, and Karzten II declares the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun the official religion of the Imperium.

The Mindslayers are decommissioned and destroyed.

900 A.I. to 1325 A.I.

Imperium conquers and absorbs system after system, largely due to the brilliant tactics and diplomacy made possible by the Deathless.

During this time, the Androsynth genetically engineered race is developed and implemented as combat troops, with great success.

1325 A.I.

Imperial Rimship Anton Draug encounters the X’llex’y, a tentacular humanoid race. A translation error results in the commander of the Anton Draug insulting the entire X’llex’t race, their honor, their history, and their accomplishments. The X’llex’y declare war on the Imperium, as only the destruction of the entire Imperium can remove what the X’llex’y refer to as "The Great Offense."

1445 A.I.

The Imperial Rimship Dwor Sorcim encounters the Vrattek, a hostile arachnid race who worship Kzzith and Fhtad, the twin gods of darkness and pain. After several battles, the Imperium ratifies a non-aggression treaty with the Vrattek, wherein the Imperium formally recognizes Vrattek space.

1550 A.I.

The Followers of Voya splinter from the Universal Church, and their sect is declared a heresy by the Patriarch. The Voyans make a pilgrimage to the Rimworlds in search of a new home.

Silence, Torment, and Echo, the last group of Deathless, are made.

1615 A.I.

The Repus Base, an Imperial cruiser manned by 85% Androsynth personnel, mutinies and heads into deep space. Several other Androsynth-manned starships follow suit. The Androsynth saturation bomb the planet code-named Irasta 5, in an attempt to prevent the creation of any more Deathless. The Androsynth believe that it was the site of the Deathless conversion project.

The Imperial bloodline is deteriorating, showing signs of genetic instability caused by inbreeding and excessive genetic manipulation.

1620 A.I.

The Androsynth Wars continue. Matrix killed during first major battle for Kylessa, a system rich in Tau Crystals, an essential mineral in the construction of starship drive cores. This is the first major victory for the Androsynth, and sets the stage for many more Androsynth victories.

1685 A.I.

The Gossamer Radiant, the personal starship of Imperator Karzten VII, vanishes without a trace, along with the Crown Jewels. Karzten VII was the last direct descendent of Karzten I, and his disappearance means the end of the Drevanian Dynasty.

The remaining noble houses (i.e., Gerasch, Duchesne, Halfenberg, Zelasko, van Daalen), all of which have indirect blood ties to the Imperial line, vie for power. The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun exerts pressure on the other Houses to accept the Gerasch Imperator, and the Church's martial orders are kept busy for years in support of House Gerasch. When the blood stops flowing, Suranam Gerasch (taking the name Imperator Karnam I) sits on the throne, but the Church's reputation and power are weakened by the conflict, and it will never again wield the same influence among the Noble Houses.

1700 A.I.

Catastrophe killed when she destroys Al-Razaad, the adopted Androsynth homeworld. The remaining Androsynth surrender, and are relocated to Makarta. The Imperator takes the unprecedented step of ordering the Makarta stargate damaged, isolating the Androsynth from the rest of the galaxy (and the rest of the galaxy from Makarta).

1705 A.I. to 1900 A.I.

Possessor is assassinated. One by one, the other Deathless disappear.

The Contraction begins; outlying sectors are left to their own devices as Imperial Rimships are withdrawn.

The disappearance of the Gossamer Radiant becomes public knowledge. Treasure hunters throughout the galaxy seek the missing starship, to no avail.

1900 A.I.

Various incursions by the Vrattek, the X’llex’y, the Blggdrrzza, etc.

Karvad V is assassinated. Kardynis III, the heir to the throne, blames the Bloodguard and sentences them to death. Over half of the Bloodguard are killed as they escape the Core Worlds.

1915 A.I. to 1927 A.I.

First Voyan Crusade. Voyan-controlled space doubles in volume.

1938 A.I. to 1949 A.I.

Second Voyan Crusade. The number of Voyan-controlled systems increases threefold during the early years of the Crusade, but counteroffensives by the hastily-assembled Rimworld Alliance push the Voyans back until they lose most of the systems they had gained.

1940 A.I.

Monique D'Aubainne liberates Al Amarja from the Voyans and installs herself as President.

1954 A.I.

Many members of the Rimworld Alliance form the Starways Congress, in order to forestall any further attacks from the Voyans.

2000 A.I.


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