Nothing is True
Anything is Possible
Everything is Permitted

 — William S. Burroughs

The Edge of Space is basically just Jonathan Tweet's wonderful role-playing game Over the Edge translocated into the deep reaches of space. I have read OtE from cover to cover several times, and it never ceases to impress me with what a cool book it is. It isn't organized as well as it might be, but ye gods it's packed with all sorts of fun stuff. For your money, I don't think you can buy a game book more densely packed with cool game ideas. Not only that, but Atlas Games recently published a second edition that has a better layout and editing than the first edition. Buy it.

As an aside, Over the Edge was written with the aid of Robin D. Laws, the guy who wrote Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a terrific game, with a setting that is nothing short of inspired. Buy it.

There are other sources tossed into the mix of Edge of Space, of course, but there are so many and they are so thoroughly stirred into it that I would be hard pressed to point out anything specific. Suffice to say that anything you think I borrowed from some other setting, I probably did. For example, some details of the Universal Church from Holistic Design's Fading Suns meshed very well with ideas I had concerning the official Imperial religion and the Voyans.

Portions of this document were reproduced from the Over the Edge role-playing game, and are Copyright © 1992, 1997 John Nephew. Over the Edge is a trademark of John Nephew.