Al Amarjan Slang

Al Amarja has some unique slang. Total Taxi provides this guide to Al Amarjan argot as a courtesy to their customers.

Barrio — One of the sectors or neighborhoods in the Edge, taking the name of the plaza around which the neighborhood is located. E.g., the Sunken Barrio encircles the Sunken Plaza. Barrios are often simply referred to by the name of the plaza, as in "Sad Mary's is in Flowers."

Bennie — One who works for a patron.

Black — Firearms(s), esp. in the phrase "to carry black" (to go armed).

Bruno — A thug, esp. a thug for hire.

Burger — Newcomers to the Al Amarja. "Burger" is both singular and plural.

Deep — Spiked with depressants, as in "deep coffee."

Jumped — Spiked with stimulants, as in "jumped coffee."

Maalesh — No sweat, don't worry, take it easy, relax, chill out, etc.

Martian — Al Amarjan (shortened and corrupted form).

Normal — Someone who does not take part in the Al Amarjan lifestyle.

Pube — An adolescent who has legally acquired the status of an adult.

Ractol — A fringe scientist, from Susan R'Actol, creator of the Androsynth.

Rimmer — An Ahrimite. Don't call them this to their faces.

Scarab — A newcomer to Al Amarja, "burger"; because the scarab beetle eats dung.

Starver — An artist, especially an independent one.

Ugly — Someone deformed by genetic misfortune.

Willie — Slave; all slaves on Al Amarja are voluntary slaves.

Zero — A worthless, hopeless person.

Words for "Yes"

The street speech of Al Amarja includes several forms of the word "yes", adopted from a different ancient Human languages (before the adoption of Universe as the official Imperial language). Each is used to convey a slightly different connotation of the word.

Da — Used to convey sadness, depression, and hopelessness.
"I hear you got canned."    "Da."

Hai — Used to convey efficiency and polite, formal acknowledgement among business circles.
"So we have a deal?"    "Hai."

Ja — Used by an inferior to convey acknowledgement of a superior's higher status. Similar to "yes sir" in common Imperial usage.
"Johnson, do you have my papers ready?"    "Ja."

Oui — Used for romance, often as "oui oui."
"How about drinks, my place?"    "Oui oui."

Si — Used to convey grudging agreement, often as "si si si."
"Get back to work, you lazy scum."    "Si si si."

Yes — Standard "yes."

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Large portions of this document were reproduced from the Over the Edge role-playing game, and are Copyright © 1992, 1997 John Nephew. Over the Edge is a trademark of John Nephew. It's a great game, and you should buy it.