The State of the Galaxy

Space is big. Really, really big. I mean huge. The area of space around Al Amarja is much smaller, and that's what I'm covering here.

The Mallrachen

The Mallrachen is a collection of worlds all owned by the Mallrachen Syndicate, a powerful interstellar corporation. The Mallrachen is ruled by the Executive Board, whose decisions are enforced by the dreaded Mallrachen Security Force. Although the Mallrachen is ostensibly a representational democracy (with each citizen having "shares" in the corporation), in practice it is a plutocratic dictatorship.

The New Imperium

The New Imperium occupies a handful of systems in the center of what was once the Old Imperium. However, the New Imperium exerts a greater amount of influence than its volume would suggest, because it retains an edge in technology that it has held ever since the early days of the Old Imperium.

The Starways Congress

The Starways Congress grew out of the Rimworlds Alliance, several dozen former Old Imperium systems which banded together to oppose the Followers of Voya. The Starways Congress aspires to much and accomplishes little, and is more successful at passing resolutions than they are at doing anything useful. For the most part, the individual members of the Starways Congress seek ways to advance their own worlds' interests at the expense of the others.

The Veejhad

The Veejhad are an insectoid, somewhat mantis-like race that is distinctly unfriendly to humans. Veejhads are rarely seen in human society, but their ships are often seen at human starports.

The Voyans

The Voyans are humans ruled by an expansionist, militant religious order (The Followers of Voya), a once-obscure monotheistic religion that worships the god Voya. Many of the larger Voyan starships are shaped like winged dragons (the Voyan Purifier being the most well-known example); dragons are seen as the messengers and warriors of Voya, destroying the unrighteous with cleansing fire.

The Voyans are rabidly evangelical, and are usually in the process of a crusade against a nearby "heathen" world.

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