The Law

The laws of Al Amarja are designed to protect Her Exaltedness Monique D'Aubainne and her kin. A few specific examples should suffice.

Guns and explosives are strictly forbidden, and the laws against them are tightly enforced. D'Aubainne reasons that if no one has easy access to firearms, it should be hard for some imperialist or fanatic to assassinate her.

Psychics are also outlawed, to protect her secrets from exposure and her life from paranormal threats. Psychics are allowed to operate on the island if they register with the government and cooperate when the government needs information. (Note that although this is more than a little inconvenient to the psychics involved, it is far more freedom than known psychics are accorded in most parts of the galaxy.)

Drugs and genetic manipulation that are illegal in the New Imperium (which is to say, those that offend the sensibilities of Church leaders, are potentially dangerous to use, result in enhanced combat performance, or impact the commercial interests of politically influential parties) are outlawed here as well. These laws are rarely enforced, and drug use is nearly universal in the population. The preponderance of drugs makes it easy for D'Aubainne's Peace Force to arrest just about anyone they want to on legitimate charges. The official charge is possession of contraband, but the actual offense is usually personal or political.

Citizens have practically no rights against harassment, spontaneous searches, invasion of privacy, or any of the other techniques so popular with police forces everywhere. Rights of free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion, and so forth are part of the Constitution, but anyone who ticks off the government probably won't last too long.

The laws, however, are not all strict. Prostitution and gambling are both legal, and building codes, trade restrictions, and other such regulations are minimal.

The laws of Al Amarja are served by the ever competent Peace Force. The Peace Force has about the same relation to peace as the fire department does to fire. Peace officers in riot helmets, wearing dark blue body armor, carrying autoblasters are a common sight on Al Amarja, but it is the intelligence branch of the Peace Force that you've really got to be worried about.

Immigrating to Al Amarja is a straightforward matter. A cursory check is made for notorious crimes, a modest processing fee is levied, a few more fees are paid to various functionaries, and the immigrant is granted full Al Amarjan citizenship. The star system is dotted with the starships of settlers, most of which are in orbit around Slylandro, around the other gas giant (Salvo), or hidden within the vast asteroid belt. The Peace Force's cruisers make periodic patrols of the rim of the star system and occasional forays into the asteroid belt, but for the most part they stay close to Slylandro, near Al Amarja and the stargate.

Large portions of this document were reproduced from the Over the Edge role-playing game, and are Copyright © 1992, 1997 John Nephew. Over the Edge is a trademark of John Nephew. It's a great game, and you should buy it.