Hot Spots

While on Al Amarja, be sure to visit...

D'Aubainne Interstellar Spaceport Terminal

Shaped something like a ziggurat standing on its head. No one can find their way around the place without the help of guides. The interstellar elite come here to visit the ritzy bars and night clubs, without the hassle of actually going through customs. Something's always happening here. Planetside from the Edge.

The D'Aubainne Museum of Modern Life

Part art museum, part side show; always something new to see. Not all exhibits are for the weak of heart. Great Men Barrio.

Blackfire Entertainment

A starship that stays in neutral space outside the orbit of Salvo, the third plant of the Al Amarjan star system, providing firing ranges for Al Amarjans who want to use firearms. The rumours that humans and other sentients serve as targets on certain exclusive ranges are no doubt baseless. Corvettes shuttle clients from the office in Flowers.

The Temple of the Divine Experience

With nightly services, the Temple provides for the spiritual needs of the Edge. Different faiths use the Temple on different nights of the week. Often the services turn into high-spirited parties. The Sommerites orchestrate the Tuesday services and dominate the Saturday night parties. Cheryl D'Aubainne runs the Temple as its High Priestess. Sunken Barrio.

Cinema de Vivisection

A theatre that shows the most avant-garde films from across the galaxy, as well as cinema collages of various movies dissected and reassembled into surreal montages. Voyan propaganda makes frequent appearances, albeit in altered form. Some fans of the theatre are as addicted to the montages as others are to drugs. Science Barrio.

D'Aubainne Hospital and Trauma Center

Includes a betting hall with video monitors showing the progress of various surgeries, especially the more dangerous ones. A $10 cover allows you to watch all day, but most people come here to bet on the outcomes of the operations.

Large portions of this document were reproduced from the Over the Edge role-playing game, and are Copyright © 1992, 1997 John Nephew. Over the Edge is a trademark of John Nephew. It's a great game, and you should buy it.