The Sulfetti Hegemony colonized Al Amarja long ago, after the discovery of the nearby stargate. They soon abandoned the colony, however, and the inhabitants were free until the Old Imperium colonized it a few centuries later. The system changed hands several times over the next millenium, as the lines of demarcation between various interstellar regimes moved back and forth, and finally ended up in the hands of the Voyans during the First Voyan Crusade. Then came the Second Voyan Crusade, the formation of the Rimworlds Alliance, and Monique D'Aubainne. In 1940 she liberated the system and installed herself as President. In hopes of creating a glorious civilization, she modeled it after the empire she considered to be the best and most powerful in the galaxy, the Imperium. When she installed herself as President, she imposed Universe as the official language and the Imperial signet as the official currency.

Monique D'Aubainne has indeed brought prosperity to Al Amarja, though not to the majority of its inhabitants.

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