Power Groups

Many Al Amarjans enhance their personal power by joining groups of one kind or another. Naturally, many groups are secret, acting behind the scenes, but several act overtly on the political and social scenes.


Dangerous people grouped in covens, reputedly with black magic to back up their muscle. The Glorious Lords of Darkness are currently the dominant Ahrimite gang.


The business people of Al Amarja, freed from oppressive trade restrictions, and able to buy their way free from just about any other law, make incredible profits here. They exert their influence to keep Al Amarja running profitably.


People working together for their own protection, often running illegal or semi-legal business interests. The Aries Gang is the largest and the most prosperous.

The Government

A self-serving organization with money, influence, and guns; don't get in their way.


Wealthy people who set themselves up as centers of power, including Chris Severson (interested in science), Lydia Goodman (Sommerite), and Sir Arthur Compton (decadence).


Fanatic followers of rock vocalist Karla Sommers, whom they consider divine; perhaps the most popular religious orientation on Al Amarja.

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