Al Amarja relies on interstellar trade for its prosperity. The wealthy bring in money from their various investments and spend it here. Skylla serves as a stopping place in shipping lanes, though the more professional shipping lines avoid it entirely. The Edge provides financial services for the moon's inhabitants and for foreigners who want their finances to be inaccessible to authorities. It also receives large infusions of hard currency from wealthy, decadent tourists who cannot find anywhere else in the galaxy to amuse them in quite the same way. Traboc has a substantial industry, specializing in cheap imitations of expensive, brand-name goods. And overall, the drug and genengineering trade brings in plenty of wealth, thanks to worlds that enforce their contraband laws and keep prices high.

Al Amarja is home to some of the galaxy's richest and some of the galaxy's poorest people. The wealthy approve of this contrast, as the desperately poor provide cheap labor. The Peace Force, as well as private security forces, keep the disparity from threatening the lives and sensibilities of the wealthy.

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