A great variety of drugs are readily available on the streets. In addition to those drugs that are such stubborn fixtures in our culture, death-defying Al Amarjans can partake of the following substances, and more.

Blaze UV

Increases the users speed and strength, and inspires feelings of invulnerability. Sometimes used by street-fighters, but very expensive and known to have debilitating after-effects. The laws against the possession and sale of Blaze UV are enforced.

Blue Shock

Increases sensitivity to all stimuli.


Ecstatic, mystical experience.

MDA Cubed

Incredibly powerful aphrodesiac.


Gives you one hell of a bad trip; for the jaded, some swear by it.


Causes the drug it is mixed with to hit the system at some random time in the future; only for the daring.


Speeds neural firing, causing the world to appear to move in slow motion; used by street-fighters and sybarites, but unreliable. The laws against the possession and sale of Slo-Mo are enforced.


Produces out-of-body experiences.


Users see the world in strict black/white, good/evil divisions.

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