The Edge

Here's where the action is: a crowded city, small by the standards of most civilized worlds. It is home to perhaps three hundred thousand people.

In the business and wealthy districts, the streets are broad, clean and filled with the good-looking and powerful. The domes are clean, and the climate-control systems keep the air pleasant, warm and sweet. Elsewhere the streets are narrow, twisted, filthy, and thronging with those who don't fit in well anywhere else in the galaxy. The domes are green with mold, and the climate-control systems operate erratically, sometimes too cold, sometimes too warm, sometimes so humid that condensation drips from the grime-laden domes above.

The Edge is unofficially divided into several "barrios", each surrounding a plaza.

Arms Barrio

Where the Peace Force is centered, also the residence of most Peace Force Officers' families; heavily patrolled.

Broken Wings Barrio

Exclusive, wealthy residential section; no entry without a pass.

Flowers Barrio

Artistic and entertainment district.

Four Points Barrio

Poor and dangerous.

Golden Barrio

The business and financial district.

Great Men Barrio

Dirt poor and hopeless.

Justice Barrio

No-nonsense, working class folks.

Science Barrio

University area, dominated by youthss.

Sunken Barrio

Burgerville, where the tourists congregate.

In addition to the barrios, there are two other areas of potential interest.

The Pits

Vertical shafts leading down into the depths of the moon, home of the Garbage Men.

The 'Burbs

Not as spacious as suburban areas found on garden worlds, but at least the residences here have lawns. Planetside from the rest of the Edge.

Large portions of this document were reproduced from the Over the Edge role-playing game, and are Copyright © 1992, 1997 John Nephew. Over the Edge is a trademark of John Nephew. It's a great game, and you should buy it.