Places to Avoid

Arms Barrio

Unless you like being watched, arrested, and interrogated.

Four Points Barrio at Night

Your organs are worth more than most of these people earn in a year, so be careful.

Justice Barrio

If you look suspicious, the vigilante bands will give you a hard time. Baseball bats are general issue in their ranks.

Iblis' Cauldron

A bar patronized almost exclusively by Ahrimites, with human flesh, so it's said, on the menu. Four Points Barrio.

Den of Thieves

A dangerous bar on the Sunken Plaza, attracting evil clientele and daring burger.

Large portions of this document were reproduced from the Over the Edge role-playing game, and are Copyright © 1992, 1997 John Nephew. Over the Edge is a trademark of John Nephew. It's a great game, and you should buy it.