Mystery Science Theate 3000
Jack T. Chick's
Dark Dungeons
by: WebWarlock
Professor Bobo  
  Hello Nelson. The Lawgiver is not here right now. She is punishing the Brain-guy.  

  Mike Nelson
What did he do?

Professor Bobo  

He accidentally returned this week's experiment to Blockbuster instead of "Buns of Steel V". Ho-ho, it cost the Lawgiver a pretty penny in late fees too!


  Crow T. Robot

You mean there is no movie this week!



Pearl appears, wearing a head to toe black PVC dominatrix outfit. She has the Observer connected to a chain around his neck. She pushes Bobo down

Professor Bobo  

Perl Forrester  

Not so fast Nelson the Barbarian. I may not have a movie for you thanks to weasel boy here.


she pulls the chain and the Observer falls away from the camera's view

Perl Forrester  

But don't think I can't hurt you. I do have a piece of early 80's dribble from extreme paranoid, Jack T. Chick. Think impressionable young minds. Think global satanic conspiracy. Think of the pain as I give you...

Dark Dungeons!


movie sign lights and sirens go off.


Mike Nelson  

We've got Movie sign!



Wouldn't that be "Tract Sign" instead, Mike?

  Crow T. Robot

Track Lighting?


As everyone scrambles toward the theater, Cambot begins his decent into the theater.