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From Accessories

City of Solis Roleplaying Archive - Fantasy, Free
Fantasy rpg maps, plans, ideas, adventures and more! Download our floorplans or browse our figure painting guide - all for free!
(Added: 2001-10-13, 3942 hits)
Rating: 8.35/10 from 32 votes. [Rate It]

E-Z Dungeons - Fantasy, Commercial
This model set features richly detailed graphics, new items, new layout and attachment techniques, and even more builder-friendly assembly designs. This set utilizes 'E-Z Layout' designs, allowing you to create dungeons on-the-fly during your game quickly and easily. These subassembly designs allow you to make virtually any dungeon from a handful of basic shapes.
(Added: 2009-03-26, 3564 hits)
Rating: 8.33/10 from 3 votes. [Rate It]

Reaper Miniatures - Fantasy, Commercial
Reaper Miniatures are what miniatures should look like. They are really cheap if you can find them locally, but they also have mail-order. Check them out. keywords: fantasy miniatures lead minis pewter
(Added: 2002-01-17, 2932 hits)
Rating: 8.11/10 from 14 votes. [Rate It]

Chessex - Misc, Commercial
Chessex manufactures and sells the coolest dice on the planet. They also make the best battlemats in a variety of sizes, including reversible mats with 1.5 inch hexes and one side and 1.5 inch squares on the other: the ultimate gaming battlemats!
(Added: 2006-03-11, 2895 hits)
Rating: 5.98/10 from 11 votes. [Rate It]

RPG Sheets - Misc, Free
The Internet's largest (over 1500 sheets for over 150 games) collections of role-playing game character sheets. Also includes many cool random items and plots to go with those new characters.
(Added: 2006-03-11, 3214 hits)
Rating: 7.52/10 from 16 votes. [Rate It]

From Articles

The Pulp Avengers: Game Mastering Pulp Adventures in the 1930s and 1940s - Action, Free
Everything you ever wanted to know about running a role-playing game set in the pulp genre, from gadgets and genre conventions to settings and source material.
(Added: 2004-07-28, 2509 hits)
Rating: 7.99/10 from 10 votes. [Rate It]

Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine - Misc, Free
Tips for the serious Game Master. Sent free to your Inbox to help you wow! your players.
(Added: 2001-08-27, 2527 hits)
Rating: 7.76/10 from 14 votes. [Rate It]

From Discussion

RPG Game Find - Misc, Free
This site focuses on all types of roleplaying (rpg) games, rpg & fantasy card games, RPG board games, Live Action Roleplay (LARP) and miniature games! If you have an existing RPG game or starting a new role-playing game and need players, just submit a game listing in your local area. Players will see your ad for your game group and respond directly to you.
(Added: 2009-12-30, 2425 hits)
Rating: 7.5/10 from 2 votes. [Rate It]

From Games

Power Behind the Throne - Fantasy, Commercial
One of the best city-based role-playing supplements ever written. Includes complete details as to why NPCs act as they do, how they react to their fellow NPCs, and what skeletons are hidden in their respective closets. There is also a map of Middenheim, handouts to be distributed to players, reference cards to make the Game Master's job more manageable, and a new introductory adventure. keywords: warhammer hogshead fantasy city sourcebook
(Added: 2002-01-13, 2407 hits)
Rating: 6.43/10 from 13 votes. [Rate It]

Realm of Mythosa - Fantasy, Free
Home of Mythosa, a complete fantasy world for any RPG, though best-suited for D&D/d20. Also the home of the Campaign Master RPG utilities, including TableSmith and the Campaign Calendar.
(Added: 2001-08-13, 2451 hits)
Rating: 8.1/10 from 14 votes. [Rate It]

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